Industrial Engineering Consulting Services

Industrial Engineering Consulting Services

ODI has recently started a process whereby its industrial engineering capability was significantly...

Organisation Development International (ODI) is a dynamic South African based management consulting company that has been in business since 1989. 

ODI offers a holistic, sustainable approach through various programmes and interventions in order for any company to truly become a World Class competitor.

Many organisations strive to learn the secrets of World Class companies and have implemented various programmes to achieve this.  Yet, despite these efforts, many have not achieved sustainable success. It is often not appreciated that successful companies follow a comprehensive, holistic approach towards continuous improvement and totally integrate their improvement initiatives.

Such companies also successfully establish an internal capability and culture for continuous improvement.

A global economy means that companies face global competition. In order to compete successfully in this environment, companies need to continuously improve their performance in terms of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale – doing things better, faster and cheaper. 

It is here where ODI offers a valuable contribution to the development of the whole organization.


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